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Trick Woofs Dog Training

Providing classes and private dog training around Hackney and Central London.

Private Zoom consultations and training worldwide.

In person sessions in your home or garden (Covid rules permitting). Or in local parks near to you.

Classes and workshops are held at Barkney Wick,  please head over to to book. 

I cover puppy training, adult dog training, rescue rehabilitation, behavior problems, assistance training, trick training, workshops for trainers, kids and dogs, family safety lessons, preparations for a new baby and preparations for getting your first dog.

I have a keen interest and specalize in dog to dog and dog to human aggression, husbandry and prey drive. I can also help you chat through any difficult decisions. 


With over ten years experience working with multi species, in rescue and with a range of clients. I can help you get through any tricky times you may be having with your dog. My methods are science and reward based and I am constantly attending seminars and courses to keep ahead of the latest developments in animal behavior. Check the services page for a list of courses I have done previously and currently. I am also a proud member of the PPG. 

I have had the training bug from an early age and have always felt at my happiest when working with animals. After volunteering in New York at the ASPCA I returned to London to start my own walking and training business.  I then worked on the behaviour team at Battersea dogs and cats home in London for 4 years. This gave me the skills to think outside the box when faced with new challenges, work with extremes of behaviors and work with a multitude of different breeds.

I have fostered over 10 tricky dogs and have a particular passion for working with dogs who may not have had the best start. 

My main mission now is to help owners with their dogs and rebuild relationships which may have become damaged. I wanted to be the step before rescue to prevent dogs ending up there in the first place. 

I am also a qualified yoga teacher and I often use breathing and mindful exercises when working with clients. I believe a calm owner equals a calm dog and vice versa. Particularly when working with reactivitiy.