• Support Membership

    Every month
    Monthly support for dog owners
     7 day free trial
    • Tools to manage anxiety and guilt
    • Training plans and video's to help you keep on track
    • Consistent and up to date training advice
    • Send video's to get help and feedback
    • Access to social forum
  • 33 day challengers

    • the 33 day challenge and group chat
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    Full access to courses & digital downloads for a year
    Valid for one year
    • All online training and education courses
    • All challenges
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    • Video feedback, owner support, consistent advice

Where do I start on the membership?

Anxiety - Have a look at our anxiety tips or try some alternative therapy technique's from the experts. Go to 'masterclasses'.

Reactivity - Join the reactivity journey week by week, keep it simple. Post your troubles, wins or queries. Go to 'masterclasses'.

Support - Introduce yourself or browse through some of our member posts to know you're not alone. Go to the 'support membership group.'

Training video's - Choose tricks, impulse control, basics or train along with me. Don't see what you need? Just ask. Go to 'masterclasses' or 'blog and member training plans'.

What do out members say? -


"The support group is very helpful for us! Quick, personal and honest feedback."

"Settle journey is great, I now feel like we have a plan."