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Mindset and our dogs

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

So it’s no secret that when it comes to my CPD, it’s science based I’m into. But I also have an ‘airy fairy side’ about me that you will see that in a lot of my online mindful training courses.

I believe there is so much to our minds and that they are a powerful thing. Regardless of weather you are into manifestation or not, you have to admit sometimes strange things can happen, like seeing a certain number everywhere or learning a new word, then hearing it a lot. Like little signs just for us.

So what’s all this got to do with dog training? Well I believe that the more in tune we are with our mind, the more in tune we are with intuition. And that’s a powerful thing when it comes to our dogs. In amongst my science courses, I’ve also done a little on animal communication. I’ve actually kept this pretty quiet but was relieved to hear recently I wasn’t alone in this as a trainer. Who wouldn’t be desperate to find a way to communicate with our furry friends and ask them what’s really going on?

Now I don’t believe I could recall a load of dogs with just my mind but I do feel there’s something to it. When our mindset is positive and open to receiving, then we are more likely to have a better walk or avoid reactive moments. We have to think of ourselves more as a reflection than an attraction. So if we imagine a calm walk, if we feel it, really see it. Then it might be more likely to happen than if we go out silently pleading with our dogs not to bark.

And as we become more in tune with our minds and trust our intuition. We start to get a better feel for our dogs. When I’ve worked closely with dogs I’ve often had a sense when things aren’t right. Somewhere there is pain or discomfort and we need to trust those feelings as a sign to push for more information. It’s even kept me safe once when I was comforting a dog, new into rescue and decided to move well away from her food bowl for no other reason at the time than I had a feeling. She turned out to be the worst food guarder I had ever seen. 

So these feelings can really help tell us something.

And how can we stay in tune to them? I believe you get more out of life by entering into everything with an open mind. Take what you need, be curious, believe in possibility. Meditation is great for removing the rest of the noise so you can let in what you really need to hear. And if you’re in any doubt how powerful your mind is, here’s a great exercise to try.

Stand on the spot, hold your arm out straight in front if you and point at a spot. Close your eyes and turn your body as far as it will go. Open your eyes and see how far you got, where your finger now points.

Now do it again but before you turn, close your eyes and imagine your body turning all the way round, really see it in your mind, feel it. Now see if you get any further this time and let me know how you got on!

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