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Years ago I met a dog called Honey, she was an ex coursing rescue who was adjusting to being a pet.

Honey was at a point that she could learn and grow from play with other dogs, but her prey drive was always triggered with movement.

Before I met her this had resulted in injuries to other dogs and some negative experiences for her. She was the first dog who made me fall in love with muzzles, as wearing one completely changed her life for the better.

I then went on to work in rescue and worked with hundreds of dogs that needed to wear one. Muzzles saved the lives of dogs that just didn't want to know other dogs, just wanted to stay away, but felt they had no choice but to react if they were approached.

We all know we can't trust other owners to keep their dogs under control. So these dogs would have faced a completely different ending if they could not be rehomed in a muzzle.

The same goes for the ones uncomfortable with handling or strangers. But I always had a problem. Because I used them a lot during training, I found that my timing was always affected by the ability to deliver a treat.

What ever technique I used, there was the possibility of missing the good stuff, causing frustration, getting my fingers nipped.

Years later, I decided to bite the bullet and make my dream become a reality. Now with the protection of patent pending status, I am able to share the rest of the process with you in my journey to develop the treat dispensing muzzle.


I can't wait to keep you updated as I share more information on a totally new muzzle concept. 

Register your interest for updates and launch information.

Thanks for your interest!

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